Era of Decentralization

Blockchain is just the beginning, decentralization concept existed for a long time and Implemented as well, Amazon has been using decentralized way to provide over 99 percent of uptime to its servers, there are other examples as well, but with Blockchain into picture everything look more decentralized and best part is, unlike ever before, anyone could see that trust is distributed and transparency is guaranteed so promises are no longer just a promise but proven facts when Blockchain is in place.

What We Do

We provide end to end development solutions, we are paving our way to becoming a completely focused and dedicated Blockchain research and solution company and we aim to settle at nothing less.

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Our Services at a Glance

Smart Contracts

Business automation is getting serious these days as cutting costs, saving time. Smart Contracts have the capacity to address this niche and they are here to improve your business.

Blockchain Development

Blockchain is undeniably an ingenious invention, a decentralized database hosted by millions of computers simultaneously, and as its data is accessible to anyone on the internet there is no single version that exists for a hacker to corrupt.


Started in 2015, Hyperledger is a collaborative effort by The Linux Foundation and several other key industry partners. The key focus of this project is advance cross-industry Blockchain and distributed ledger system across sectors.

Wallet Development

Wallet app provides people with an easy way to make payment for their purchases in cryptocurrencies or tokens. This sort of app turns any smartphone into e-wallet and makes it ready to pay in both ways - online and offline.

Decentralized Application

Dapps are more transparent, flexible, distributed, and have an enhanced incentivized structure as compared to the existing software frameworks. Dapps can enhance and streamline some of the core features of applications amazingly, making them more secure and trustworthy.

Exchange Development

Buying, selling or exchanging multiple cryptocurrencies are possible through a Cryptocurrency exchange. Plebiscite IT Services, is a leading crytpo currencecy development company. We have developed cryptocurrencies exchanges and store for our clients all around the world.

Our Happy Customers

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Sumit Patel

The experience with Plebiscite was awesome, their understating and requirement gathering process was really affective that help us and developers to complete the project without any conflict.

By Blocklogy

Shrey Dhawan

The team was very responsive, They quickly and promptly made the changes that we requested and the product was ready on time, well within the in fact.

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Kawal Deep

The developers and designers of this company are of pro level. They are very creative and always comes with new ideas.

By Icecone